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A Buddhist wanting to respond to the climate crisis and ecological emergency?

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Extinction Rebellion Buddhists UK are a Buddhist sub-group of Extinction Rebellion. We bring together Buddhist practice, faith and philosophy with our eco-activism, and we follow the principles of the international Extinction Rebellion movement.

Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of social collapse.

Latest posts:

  • I’m in Court Tomrrow

    By Satya Robyn Dear Earth, I’m in court again tomorrow. Who’d have thought that this sweet little scrap would end up breaking the law. I was always such a good girl, talking-too-much-in-class aside. I worked so hard at that. I still do. Tomorrow I will tell the judge that I am guilty of breaking the …

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  • Feet Aching, Heart Breaking

    Joining the Camino to Cop for a couple of days By Kaspa Thompson Recently I had to write a reflection for some Buddhist training I am taking. I chose to write about my experience of briefly joining the Western leg of the Camino to Cop. Before sharing that reflection I want to thank everyone that …

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  • In conversation with David Loy

    Kaspa and Katja from XR Buddhists UK speaking to David Loy from Ecodharma retreat centre about XR Buddhism and climate activism. Posts and articles are the views of their authors and not necessarily of the XR Buddhists group.