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Concerned about the environment and interested in mindfulness practice?

A climate activist looking for ways of staying resourced?

A Buddhist wanting to respond to the climate crisis and ecological emergency?

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Extinction Rebellion Buddhists UK are a Buddhist sub-group of Extinction Rebellion. We bring together Buddhist practice, faith and philosophy with our eco-activism, and we follow the principles of the international Extinction Rebellion movement.

Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of social collapse.

Latest posts:

  • Rebel Stories: Drumming Activism

    By Les In my occasional climate activism sometimes I sit quietly. Sometimes I make a noise, drumming with a Samba inspired band. It’s been interesting observing the feelings that arise in these two very different approaches of resistance.  With quietly sitting in the ‘wrong place’, anxiousness arises for me from the feeling of vulnerability but this …

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  • Rebel Stories: Bank Action

    By Elizabeth In June I took part in Barclays HQ Action. We met in the space outside the Tate Museum. After introducing ourselves we had a short grounding meditation and then walked to the top of Fleet Street. There we donned placards with motives depicting how  Barclays Bank’s investments cause ecocide. We proceeded down Fleet …

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  • the August 2021 Rebellion and what to expect

    What happens during an XR Rebellion? Rebellions are a planned series of actions with a particular focus or aim. There is something for everyone: marches, speeches by activists and writers, arty actions as well as more confrontative actions like blocking roads and occupying buildings. And police of course, and press folk with cameras and questions. …

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