Are you?

Meditation action at Barclays

Concerned about the environment and interested in mindfulness practice?

A climate activist looking for ways of staying resourced?

A Buddhist wanting to respond to the climate crisis and ecological emergency?

Have you just discovered XR Buddhists? Check out the events pages – newcomers welcome to all meetings.

We are a Buddhist subgroup of Extinction Rebellion. We come together from many different traditions to respond to the climate and ecological emergency. We believe non-violent direct action and Buddhist practice can be the same thing. We work to overcome systems of greed and oppression both in the world and in ourselves. We follow the principles and values of Extinction Rebellion.

Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of social collapse.

Latest posts:

  • Barclays Action

    On May 13th Members of XR Buddhists sat in meditation and protest outside Barclays Islington. Here are some images from the action, and our letter to the bank manager. Letter to the Manager Dear Manager   Members of Extinction Rebellion Buddhists UK will be sitting in protest meditation vigil at your bank today.   We are sitting …

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  • Declaration of interdependence

    We have updated the XR Buddhists Declaration of Interdependence: Read the latest version here. Posts and articles are the views of their authors and not necessarily of the XR Buddhists group.

  • The Ethics of Stting in the Road

    Conversation on Activism Here’s a recording of our recent event, a conversation on activism between Joe and Katja, two experienced XR Buddhists. (The event was well attended, but an issue with Zoom meant not many people were shown on gallery mode.) Posts and articles are the views of their authors and not necessarily of the …

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