Buddhist declaration of Interdependence

August 2020 version

XR Buddhists stand with our fellow Buddhists and all faith groups in Extinction Rebellion at this most momentous of times.

The climate emergency brings both the most terrible of possibilities and the most transformational. The possibility of mass extinction of life on this planet is forcing upon us a truth long forgotten by the so-called developed world: that all things are connected. We have lived too long in a delusion of separation, disconnected from the astonishing grace and beauty of the life forms with which we share our world.

This delusional state of separateness has paved the way for the widespread and critical harm our way of life has had upon the Earth and on marginalised people and communities. And in our hearts we have also paid a heavy price: a sense of meaningless, and of personal and spiritual loneliness has become pervasive. The climate crisis demands that we choose between awakening to the truth of interdependence with the human and non-human world, to heal and to grow into a new relatedness, or face terrible consequences.

And the way to this awakening is love. In Buddhist practice, as in many faith traditions in different forms, we invite this blossoming of a loving heart through meditation, ritual, and our wisdom teachings.

With our dear friends in this emerging and courageous movement, we sit and walk in the light of love and the spirit of the awakened heart.

May wisdom and love prevail

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