Welcoming new members to XR Buddhists

XR Buddhists are keen to spread the word about the work that we do, and to welcome new people to our group. We had the idea of starting a monthly “induction” session where newcomers could come along and meet some of us, find out what we do, and how you can get involved.

We want to make these sessions interesting and relevant so have created a survey to see what people would find helpful for us to include. So, if these sessions might be of interest to you – you might be new to XR Buddhists or just haven’t made it to any events yet – please complete the survey by November 15th if you can. It’s just 4 questions and should take about 5minutes. Thank you

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4 thoughts on “Welcoming new members to XR Buddhists”

  1. Hi
    I have been a Buddhist for many years. Have recently joined XR and been rebelling in London. Keen to go to Glasgow. I’d be happy to be contacted and to be in touch with other XR Buddhists

    1. Hi Rachel! Hope you’ve been enjoying the Rebellion. We are going to be at Glasgow as well (and some of us are leaving soon to walk to Glasgow as part of the Camino to COP). There are a few options for keeping in touch with us, you can add yourself to the newsletter http://xrbuddhists.com/newsletter/ which comes out once a month, or you can join our Telegram group to keep up with all the chat! Will be great to see you there.

    2. Hi Rachel I’m keen to join the action at barclays this Saturday in Bristol. Please let me know where I can find details. I’m active in XR but I’m new to XR Buddhists.
      Thank you, Maria

  2. Lucas Ghisleni

    Hello dear friends in darma,

    I knew about the group for some buddhist friends in Brazil. You know about some xr buddhist in Brazil?

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