Video & audio talks

The Ethics of Stting in the Road

Conversation on Activism

Here’s a recording of our recent event, a conversation on activism between Joe and Katja, two experienced XR Buddhists. (The event was well attended, but an issue with Zoom meant not many people were shown on gallery mode.)

In Conversation

Katja and Kaspa – the current co-coordinators of XR Buddhists UK – had a conversation about Buddhism and non-violent direct action at the recent Tri-ratna Earth Sangha conference. Here it is:

Getting Arrested For Touching The Earth

In the summer Kaspa gave this talk at Buddhafield Festival, telling the story of his arrest with XR Buddhists, about intuitive compassion and finding our own response to the climate crisis.

Kaspa Thompson is one of the current co-coordinators of XR Buddhists UK, he is a Buddhist Teacher at Bright Earth Buddhist Temple in Malvern, and a psychotherapist.