Who are we?

XR Buddhists at the October 2019 Rebellion in London

XR Buddhists are Buddhists of many different traditions coming together to respond to the climate crisis and the ecological emergency within the broader movement of Extinction Rebellion.

We support the three demands of XR: Tell the Truth, Act Now and Be the Change and the immediate demand to end fossil fuel licencing and investing. We are mindful that the harm caused by the climate crisis causes is suffered by those who have done the least to create it – indigenous communities and those in the global south. We work to overcome systems of oppression both in the world, and in ourselves.

We believe that, as Buddhists, we have something unique to offer Extinction Rebellion and the eco-activism movement as a whole. We now number in our hundreds and have members from across the UK from many different Buddhist traditions. During the 2019 October rebellion we organised actions, ran daily meditation and walking meditation sessions. Some of us were arrested (some of us more than once!) whilst sitting in meditation on the road – exemplifying a non-violent and peaceful but powerful approach to civil disobedience. Some have also created local groups of Buddhists and organised local actions. We meet regularly online for mutual support and we have a Facebook groups(UK & international), a Twitter account, a website, and a mailing list.

We often communicate using the Telegram app: join our Telegram broadcast group and Telegram chat group

Also see the XR Buddhist Declaration of Interdependence and How Extinction Rebellion Buddhists Happened

This website is connected to Extinction Rebellion Buddhists in the UK, but we welcome and encourage contact and conversation with XR Buddhists in other countries.

For more about Extinction Rebellion see their main website.