Still in Rebellion

By Kaspalita

Faceless Bureaucrats

The September Rebellion is over, but we are still in rebellion.

We are in rebellion against business as usual. We root ourselves in the reality of a heating planet, and in the catastrophic consequences of continued heating. We do this in the face of the denial and greed of corporations and governments and the super-rich.

We rebel in our daily lives, making choices based on reducing harm and in improving the health of the world.

We rebel in our conversations and communication, speaking up for the endangered and the extinct.

We rebel by resourcing ourselves: by learning about the impact of racial oppression and institutional greed, ill-will and ignorance on the climate crisis.

We rebel through our continued protests and demonstrations, on HS2 building sites and in towns and cities across the world.

Three weeks ago I dressed as a Faceless Bureaucrat and slowly marched with other rebels through Worcester city, dipping my hands into a globe filled with (fake) blood, before ‘dying in’ in the city centre. Last weekend Satya and I sat in vigil for an hour, in the rain, in love and grief for the earth. Someone will sit in vigil in the centre of Malvern every Saturday between now and COP 26.

Satya and Kaspa in vigil

We rebel through our personal practices and reflections. We investigate what it means to be human and how our own greed, ill-will and ignorance affect others and the world. We practice compassion and love.

We rebel in our thought and planning, asking what will our next actions be? Where do I want to put my energy? How can I best affect change?

We are in rebellion.

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