Why am I so tired?

By Satya

a group of people from Extinction Rebellion faith groups holding a pink banner with the word empathy printed on it.
XR faith bridge carrying the empathy banner

Dear Earth, why am I so bone-tired?

I only marched for three hours through London with this banner, alongside Jewish and Christian friends.

I danced to the beautiful men playing in the funky brass band behind us. I tried to catch the eyes of the stopped taxi-drivers, a few furious, but most smiling. I waved back to the children in high windows at St Thomas’ Hospital.

Elsewhere, manure was heaped onto the pavements outside the newspapers who are hiding things from us all. Paint was fountained onto the walls of their office. The pavements were stencilled with thousands of words: Tell. The. Truth.

It is tiring to tell the truth. Who are we to speak up against four billionaires? A rag-tag bunch of grandparents, eco-hippies, young people frightened for their futures. How DARE we?

Because of your desperate need, dear Earth, I have learnt that it is possible to challenge those who make the rules. To work in our small ways, alone and together, to bring attention to injustice and to uncover abuses of power.

Some of us have been called to risk prison through their non-violent activism (I am sending them so much love). The rest of us have other jobs – playing the trumpet, handing out leaflets, having brave conversations with our family or colleagues, writing posts on Facebook.

If we listen carefully to your call, sweet Earth, we will discover that you never ask too much of us.

Today I will drink coffee, do some weeding, and watch some easy television. Maybe we were a little thorn in the shoe of those four billionaires yesterday. Maybe they will swipe us away for now. We will keep going.

We will keep going because we love you, darling Earth.

Love, Satya ❤

Satya Robyn co-leads Bright Earth Buddhist Temple, she is a psychotherapist and writer and member of XR Buddhists.

Posts and articles are the views of their authors and not necessarily of the XR Buddhists group.

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