Rebel Stories: becoming an activist

By Jed

a crowd of people are walking on the road. One man dressed in a white 'forensic suit' is carrying a yellow flag and making the v for victory sign with his other hand
Jed (in white) at the march in Dublin

I would like to say what brought me here to this point in life as an activist.

I was waiting in Grafton Street (in Dublin) on the 10th of October 2019 for my girlfriend to pick me up when a lively crowd came marching by chanting about the Environment.

Straightaway I joined the march and the rest is history. My girlfriend found me a couple of hours later and helped me make my glorious XR blue flag for the second day marching. 

It has always been important to my own well-being to actively help when I see help is needed. Deep-seated feelings from a childhood of seeing people being bullied at school and finding the courage to stand up for them in their time of need. The realisation afterward of forging respect, trust, and friendships.

Earth is my friend, I have played in the soil, I have eaten food that has grown from it, I have walked and slept on it, drank from its water, and had my first kiss and surely will have my last kiss upon on it. Every time I breathe in the air or sing and hear the notes I feel connected to it. I have held my children when they were babies and had them gaze at the stars and promised them that I would fight for their future.

A group of people marching in the street. Front and centre a wide blue flag that stretches across the whole street. Other people are carrying blue flags and white flags.
Jed and other rebels on the way to O’Connell bridge

As a young Entrepreneur, my mission was to help the Earth somehow to recover from the scars of Human behavior upon this Planet, which for some strange, selfish reason, we call ‘ours’, as if we own it.

As the Project Director of my renewable energy company at the time, I attended a meeting about climate change Earth Summit ‘ET 2001’. I managed to prove that the British Government didn’t have their facts straight on climate issues after I asked a few questions to test their knowledge about which energy sectors were mostly endangering our air quality at that present time. Their figures were out of date and so they were concentrating most efforts on the wrong sector, as the population had exploded and Industry had shifted. 

One example of the ‘Bully’ is: Thermal energy projects were being blocked by the British Government and no one had the voice or money to fight them.

I am now a singer-songwriter in Ireland and hope to get the message across within my writing and singing, but alas, currently face the fact that the Irish Government has a say in what may and may not be heard on the radio stations. So I have a new battle against ‘censorship’ against the freedom of expression and speech. 

‘How The Day Can Change’ written during Lockdown 2020 which without being too obvious for the censors is trying to portray the struggle we have ahead of us/

May we long keep up the good fight against the Environmental and Censorship Bullies upon this Planet. 

Posts and articles are the views of their authors and not necessarily of the XR Buddhists group.

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